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Quebec Sexual Medicine Association
suggests these links to visit.
Pfizer Canada:
1.Consumer Information
2.Pfizer Viagra, The FDA Approved Impotence Pill
3.Viagra: You must be a Healthcare Professional to enter this site
4.Pfizer: Copyright Information
5.Viagra: Information
6.Pfizer: Copyright Information
8.Pfizer Viagra® (sildenafil citrate), The FDA Approved Impotence Pill
9.Pfizer Inc: Viagra U.S. Product Prescribing Information's/viagrapi.html
Schwarz Pharma:
Clinique d'urologie du Haut-Richelieu
American Foundation for Urologic Desease, Sexual function Health Council, Impotence Resource Site:
MUSE (alprostadil), VIVUS
Questions and answers with Dr Irwin Goldstein
Caverject, canadian site
AMS -- American Medical Systems
Successfully Treating Impotence
The 2nd World Congress on the Aging Male
Association des urologues du Québec
Association des sexologues du Québec
InfoSexo Web