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Quebec Sexual Medicine Association


Article 1 – Name

The society’s name is “L’Association de Médecine Sexuelle du Québec”, identified by the initials AMSQ. The society was founded in 1996.

Article – 2 – Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the AMSQ :

A. Promote, encourage and support the highest standards of practice, research, education and ethics in sexual medicine, locally, nationally and internationally

B. Provide a forum for open discussions and exchange of new ideas and concepts in sexual medicine.

The objectives of the AMSQ :

A. Enable an exchange between members through the following means (not exclusive) : conferences, seminars, workshops, web site, annual convention and periodicals.

B. Identify new arising problems in sexual medicine.

C. Provide healthcare professionals (doctors and others) with adequate information through the following channels (not exclusive) : brochures, videos, participation to the existing programs in Continuing medical education, publication of articles in magazines or medical literature

D. Develop and publish standards and guidelines for professional practice and research in sexual medicine.

E. Develop and carry out educational programs for doctors, healthcare professionals and the public at large.

More specifically, proceed to the development of workshops in sexual medicine for family practitioners

Article – 3 –Society membership

A. There are three (3) existing membership status : temporary, regular and honorary.

B. Application for membership :

The prospective candidate must submit his/her application to the association’s secretary who will collect and validate the required documents. He will then submit the new candidacy to the Executive Committee. If accepted, a temporary membership is granted until full membership can be established upon agreement of two-thirds of the Annual General Assembly members.

All new candidates must pay the annual dues in full. If membership is granted at the Annual General Assembly, the new member is notified of his/her recommendation. If membership is denied, either at the Executive or at the General Meeting, a letter of notification is sent out to the prospective member, along with a check for half the amount of the pre-paid membership fee.

A special request may be made by the Executive Committee or by one or several notorious association members who have brought their special contribution to the AMSQ in the past, or one of its field of interests, in favor of a nomination to ‘honorary’ status. After examination by the Executive Committee, they may recommend the nomination at the Annual General Assembly. Two-thirds of the Annual General Assembly members must be agreeable to the new nomination in order to validate it.

C. A certificate of member or honorary member will be issued by mail in the following weeks, after nomination.

D. Pre-requisites

Clinicians and physicians treating patients, male and female, for sexual dysfunctions, or other healthcare or research professionals with experience in sexual medicine, having attended a 50-hour educational program on sexual medicine or the equivalent.

The term ‘treatment’ is used in a wide sense and includes a variety of interventions such as : evaluation, counseling, drug prescription, therapy, medical and surgical treatments, etc.

According to experience, medical specialists most often involved in sexual medicine are endocrinologists, gynecologists, psychiatrists, urologists and vascular disease specialists.

The clinicians are :

  • Clinical psychologists and sexologists, members of an association or professional order

  • All professionals with a masters degree or the equivalent, and members of an association or renowned order of professionals

E. End of membership

Termination of membership may occur in the event of :

- A resignation from the member,

- An exclusion for reason of neglect or refusal to conform to the association’s rules of conduct,

- A failure to pay the dues for two consecutive years, after written notification.

Article – 4 –Annual subscription

The annual fee is set at the Annual General Assembly

Article – 5- Annual Assembly

An Annual General Assembly will be scheduled at a time and place determined by the members or the Executive. A written notification will be sent out to all members 30 days prior to the proposed date for the assembly.

Article – 6–Officials

The association officials are the president, the secretary and the treasurer. All three (3) officers are members of the Executive and are elected by the General Assembly members. Their term is one (1) year, renewable. Special committees can be formed as needed.

Article – 7–Fiscal year

The fiscal year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of the same year.

Article – 8 –Regulations modifications

The association’s rules may be modified by vote from two-thirds of its members present at the Annual General Assembly. A written notice of the proposed modifications must be received by the secretary at least 60 days prior to the set date for the General assembly and distributed to all members.